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The Brookfields winemaking philosophy is to make fruit-driven wines that are enjoyable in their youth, go well with food and for those that can resist temptation, wines that respond well to cellaring.  When selecting sites for growing grapes and assessing the potential flavour development, one has to consider the terroir.   It is the cumulative effect of site, soil type, climate and culture, winemaking starts in the vineyard.  The Bergman, Marshall Bank and Ohiti Estate vineyards are owned by Brookfields Vineyards, and the Lyons family own the Hillside site.

Bergman Vineyard:
The Bergman Vineyard is immediately in front of the winery.  It is named after the garden of 'Ingrid Bergman' red roses in front of the Villa/Office adjacent to the vineyard.  They are an attractive dark red rose, as was Ingrid in real life.  The vineyard is totally planted in Chardonnay.

Marshall Bank Vineyard:
Next door to the winery property is Marshall Bank.  It is owned by Peter and Sharon Robertson (winemaker and majority shareholders of Brookfields Vineyards).  The soil type is free draining silty loam, with low fertility. Consequently clone 15 Chardonnay excels.  Sugar levels of 24 Brix are achieved most years.

Ohiti Estate:
Translated Ohiti is 'the crossing'.  Tamatea was leading his people when his dog lurched into the river and it resulted in Tamatea crossing at that point.  Ohiti Estate is on the northern side of Roys Hill adjacent the Ngaruroro River valley.  Much of the vineyard is old river bed, hence most of the vines grow in stones.  It is a heat trap, consequently Cabernet Sauvignon ripens every year. The aromatic varieties (Riesling, Pinot Gris, and Gewurztraminer) develop superb flavours, as so does Sauvignon Blanc.

Hillside Vineyard:
North facing slope, the Hillside Vineyard is a special site located between Bridge Pa and Maraekakaho, allowing maximum sun exposure and minimal water retention. Perfect spot, 'Terroir' for Syrah.

Burnfoot Vineyard:
Translated the Burnfoot Merlot is Scottish for the property beside the stream or river. In this instance the vineyard is adjacent the Tuki Tuki River, opposite Te Mata Peak. It is a north facing site, hence it captures maximum sunlight. The Merlot is clone 181 which has small berry size and small bunches, and it readily achieves high sugar levels at harvest. Due to its light cropping, the Burnfoot Merlot has gained a reputation for its intensity, the colour and flavours are excellent. The Burnfoot Merlot is an excellent food wine, and can be found on tables in homes and restaurants in New Zealand and in the United Kingdom.

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